The Lilian Holloway Award will presented annually to an existing MMTT student from our Principals Troupe and will reward them for:

The winning student will receive a 12-month (3 terms) half scholarship for Macclesfield Musical Theatre Troupe (MMTT) and will only have to pay 50% fees for full year.

This award is in memory of our MMTT's Troupe Leader and Musical Theatre Teacher, Nicola Crooks' late grandmother, Lilian Holloway. Lilian, who was affectionately known as 'Little G' to her four grandchildren: Rebecca, Nicola, Laura and Elliot, used to perform in many amateur productions and danced from a young age. Both Lilian and her husband Harold were always very supportive of Nicola's dramatic and musical endeavours, and would be very proud of what she has achieved with MMTT.

Our 2022 Winner

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