learning PROGRAMME

MMTT runs for 3 terms per academic year - Autumn, Spring and Summer - and each term runs for 12 weeks. Every term has an overall training focus (see below) and a specific theme. MMTT ensures that teaching and objectives are differentiated for each troupe/age range and all ability levels. Our classes are inclusive and we ensure that all students can access learning. All abilities are welcome and The MMTT Team will make sure that all students thrive and succeed in their own way.


Skills &

Presentation Term

In a FOCUS A term, emphasis will be placed on enhancing the students' musical theatre skills. 

Each troupe will have their own main objective and skill focus. 

A short, informal presentation of work will be shared with family at the end of the term.


Musical Theatre

Project Term

In a FOCUS B term, the students will carry out a mini-project. These projects can take many forms. It may be creating a group exam piece, writing/devising original work, working towards a video or vocal recording session, choreographing or directing pieces for another troupe... the possibilities are endless! 

These projects promote teamwork, give students ownership of their learning and provide a huge sense of achievement and pride.




In a FOCUS C term, it's all about performance as it is 'MMTT Showtime!'.

Students will learn how to prepare for a large-scale show including working to a planned rehearsal schedule; learning multiple scripts, songs and dances; taking responsibility for themselves backstage; how to be professional when working in theatre; definition and purpose of a dress rehearsal and technical rehearsal, as well as much, much more!